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In the Heart of Sarajevo, we revived the spirit of Austro-Hungarian style.
Great empires that ruled the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina they carried different styles that left the buildings as a legacy for new generations. If we rely on visible traces of different architecture, we could see that Sarajevo has over the years become an intriguing, seductive nest of Europe. The personality of different cultures has always attracted the attention of tourists, which is also evidenced by the increase visits these past few years.

The great survival of different styles is shown in gallant conquest of the conquerors who, left their seals without erasing the previous traces of great empires and their builders. The rule of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy brought “bricks of romanticism’’, “Maori decorations’’, “Renaissance form’’, rustic colors, “Gothic-baroque screams’’ and an ultimate classic.

What is hidden in the womb of Sarajevo?
Throughout the years, wine cellars always attracted attention. Whether it was a mystery or a number of perfectly stacked barrels, whether it was a rustic color of bricks and gentle vaults surrounded by some lamps, or just about gently illuminated rooms that covered the most spectacular drops of wine, wine basement attracted attention and nobody was indifferent. One of these Austro-Hungarian legacies is located in the stone womb of Sarajevo, just at the intersection of two chapels, two styles, two religions.
Shelter Pub has revived a wine cellar and with its music pulled it to the stage of the famous Strossmayer Street. Although, like every pub, it offers first-class beer and schnapps, but also Shelter Pub wanted to preserve the authenticity of the cellar and with its high-quality wines reminds that in the body of Sarajevo still beats the heart of 1903 that would enchant the world’s largest metropolises with its extraordinary design. As the title itself says “shelter”, it really provides shelter to every kind of happy or joyful, sad or smiling, loved or sick soul with the finest sounds by the great artists of all times.

The magnificence of note, style, color of voice, depth and height are just some of the characteristics that the rustic Shelter Pub adorns. The richness of musical styles gives the impression that many artists will appear in one timeless shelter. In the space that has been breathing for 116 years, with music playing all the genres, Shelter Pub does not know the time and becomes timeless.

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